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Izlom camouflage pattern излом (translated from Russian as Fracture) perfectly masks in the forest during sunny day when the rays of light make their way through the branches of pine and fir trees. Fracture likely borrowed from the Germans, the texture reminds the Bundeswehr flecktarn.
Military camouflage cap – Bundes (Flektarn). Military camouflage cap – Bundes (Flektarn).
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Brand: 12 Model: Soviet Power
Military cap, made of camouflage fabric. Great for fishing, hunting and military service. Thanks to the classic cut, the cap fits perfectly with camouflage suits, T-shirts, shorts, etc. A rigid visor camouflage cap protects the eyes from sunlight. Excellent quality of fabric, easily washing, does no..
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Model: Soviet Power
Balaclava "Storm" universal assault mask izlom camouflage is soft and comfortable, it combines a mask and a hood, it is possible to use as a scarf or facial mask-scarf. Light movement of the hand closes or open your face. Good air permeability, thin & soft, versatile size. Balaclava "Storm" is a..
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Model: Soviet Power
Tactical boonie hat panama, IZLOM camo pattern. Made of rip-stop fabrics, barred ventilation holes, neck cord with convenient lock, hat fields stitched and edged with basic material...
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Brand: 12 Model: Soviet Power
Summer tactical camouflage hat IZLOM (Fracture) pattern. Mostly used with uniforms and for airsoft, also with civil clothing. All sizes in stock. Made to order in Ukraine. Not a military factory product and not intended for use in military or combat operations. We condemn and do not support the pol..
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