Tactical gloves, also Soviet Army Soldiers and Officers military winter mittens, variouos leather gloves for airsoft and combat tasks.

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Genuine leather tactical gloves for n and OMON ( S.W.A.T. ). Special fist protection feature. Made ..
Parade gloves white made of genuine leather and sheepskin. Brand new n Army gloves. Original. Produc..
Special long winter camo gloves from Army. They cover the hand almost up to the elbow, detachable fl..
Tactical gloves 6SHA122 Ratnik version for sale, designed to reduce damage to hands during combat op..
Genuine leather special purpose light mountain gloves, thin leather allows the fingers to feel the r..
Warm brown navy gloves for sailors winter use. Sheep's fur lining inside, brown mittens made for n N..
Soviet Combined Arms Officers cotton gloves with fur USSR Army. Warm and convenient in the severe n ..
Water and dirt repellent coating treated with "wrx" and "armortan" technologies, giving elasticity a..
Tactical Marines military camouflage gloves. Flora pattern, warm lining inside, mittens given to tro..
Tactical gloves for Ratnik combat gear for sale, designed to reduce damage to hands during combat op..
Kevlar gloves with steel thread. Excellent protect hands from knife wounds. Used by special for..
Those gloves were given to Soviet Army Officers in winter. Natural fur inside. They have 2 free fing..
Modern Tactical woolen winter khaki gloves for Gorka suit Tactical winter gloves, new with t..
The gloves were provided to soldiers in cold winter. They have only 2 free fingers - for shooting an..
Special brown woolen gloves, made for n underwater divers. 80% camel wool, double knitting. Made in ..
Warm navy gloves for sailors winter use. Fur lining inside, black mittens made for USSR Navy fleet. ..
Soviet Union Navy woolen black Russian USSR seaman gloves Special warm gloves, made for Soviet Na..
Modern leather gloves with knuckles for sale. Comfortable wear, street fighters style. Available in ..