Suit camouflage SUMRAK-M1 "TM BARS" ORIGINAL

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The product is used for individual masking of a specialist on the ground. Ergonomic free cut provides maximum freedom of movement. The hood can be worn over the cap or under the helmet (armored helmet). Masking cuffs, if necessary, are retracted under the elastic band inside the sleeve. Reinforced rear pockets of trousers can be used for small arms magazines (AK 7.62 and 5.45).

The suit is defined as a special, dual-use item. It is produced from a fabric of surface density of 160 g / m2 of composition of 33% viscose, 67% polyester. This material is strong enough, it does not crinkle, it does not shed, it is sufficiently resistant to light, hygroscopic, dries quickly, because of viscose somehow "cool" in the heat.

The overall set of the suit includes a jacket, trousers and a packing bag.

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