Russian tactical Ammo load bearing vest SMERCH-P

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Russian tactical Ammo load bearing vest Smerch-P (translated as Tornado)


- adjustable size from 46 to 60 (US 36 to US 50);

- magazine bags which provide water drainage;

- allows you to carry extra backpacks, knapsacks and replacement pouches;

- The arms have soft inserts, which protect against rubbing;

- A stiff belt;

- suspenders (shoulders);

- bag with capacity of 10 liters, with two pockets on the side and a secret pocket on the valve;

- two magazine pouches for machine gun belt, each with one additional pocket;

- compactness of tactical load-bearing system gives the full right to say that it is one of the best models for gunners.

- for a while only khaki color available.

Shipping cost $30