Russian tactical boots military GARSING 0339 N “SABOTEUR NEW”

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High-quality materials are used in this model. The most important qualities are water and wear resistance.

The boots are made of genuine chrome leather. In addition to the skin, in this model there are inserts made of high-strength nylon fabric and protective skin "Matrix".

The next generation of this model is equipped with a modern two-layer tactical sole with excellent damping properties. The renewed sole is made in two layers: the first layer, cushioning and soft, is made of a foamed TEP (thermoplastic elastomer) microlite, the second layer on the undercarriage, dense and having a large thickness for resistance to abrasion, is made of wear-resistant TEP.

This line has already passed successful tests in the officers' divisions of the Special Operations Forces of the Republic of Belarus and received the highest marks of testers.

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