Military tactical high ankle boots camo GARSING 5003 MO “FENIX”

Military tactical high ankle boots camo GARSING 5003 MO “FENIX”
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This model was specially developed for the special forces of Belarus included in the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty). It combines the best characteristics of an infantry boots designed for long transitions with a high weight, due to a two-layer sole, which is perfectly damping and has a tenacious, universal protector. The Italian fast lacing system without hooks is made according to the requirements for skydiving.

The model is made of high-quality, genuine Velor leather. To reduce weight and better mobility of the ankle, this model has integrated inserts of strong nylon, which is also used for sewing body armor. The soft upper edge is duplicated by a breathable net and has additional air channels, which allows you not to rub your foot, ensures good air circulation and does not interfere with normal blood circulation. In the back of the boot is a ring for the convenience of dressing shoes. This model perfectly suits not only professional military, but also all fans of active recreation and style of military.

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