6SH112 Senior Rifleman SVD sniper Russian LBV tactical assault vest

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Modular tactical transport vest 6SH112 (6Ш112) is part of the UMBTS equipment of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. Very simple and durable construction, adjustable size, front closure with Lift-The-Dot fasteners, LBV covered with MOLLE.

This is SVD version for snipers, attached are:

2 x double-mag SVD / VSS pouches (not as on the picture);

4 small grenade pouches;

1 multipurpose pouch;

1 walkie-talkie pouch

Carrying vest was made using modular technology in several trim levels for a specific combat mission, both simple and practical. This system includes a vest basis, pouches of various purposes and knapsacks. Inside it is made of ventilated material.

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